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update 10-10-2018

bitrue.com very low Trading Fee 0.098% and dinamic airdrop New
altilly.com big airdrop everyday
thinkbitpro.com signup get 200 tb, kyc get 300 tb
sobit.one 70 sbt proof itcoinexmarket.io Share and get 50 CEX coins for first 2 referral users.
vote on lbank get free5.000.000 ubex big airdrop from LBANK exchange Step 1 Register on the LBANK exchange here https://goo.gl/qzXYvt  NEW
thinkcoin.io free tco
acm.gcox.com free 0.008 btc new
qbtc.com candies will be sent endlessly
hbus.com free 20 qtum
bitmex.com dinamic airdrop
chaoex.io 20 chex free
vixcore.exchange active giveaway
digitexfutures.com 1.000.000 dgtx giveaway
hibtc.com 400 hibt free signup bonus
binex.trade free 5  bex
www.hbg.com dinamic airdrop - join and get $20 -
www.ufo.club  20 UT, 15 TECR , 10 EATT & 1 OLC = Estimate value $25
bitrabbit.com - 0% free trade until 31 agustus - ada giveaway- 50 carrot
cobinhood.com - free token and - 0% fee <you must have>
coinlayers.com dinamic airdrop
satoexchange.com dinamic airdrop
bitholic.com  << input refferal  120n1333@gmail.com  (nb :no refferal no bonus) + active giveaway - 0% free trade - airdrop on wax trade (event 2), event 1 closed
numoney.exchange get 200 nmx
coinex.com 200 cet free (Deposit CODY & Get CETFrom 2:00 July 25th to 2:00 August 9th, 2018 (UTC), deposit 5000 CODY and get 1 FREE CET. The more you deposit, the more FREE CET.
During our 15-day promotion, we will give away a total amount of half a million CET. First come, first served.)
dragonex.io 100 dt free
prandex.com 700 prab free
binance.com dinamic airdrop
www.6x.com dinamic airdrop
www.idcm.io next ripple 10 million giveaway etu
cointradebase.com 100 ctb free
coinsuper.com dinamic airdrop
bitallex.com 20 bae free
ebitapp.com  free 1500 ebi
blw.com free 30 bw and 50 doge
coinseason.com free cad
btcix.trade free 1020 btx
exchange.tokenomy.com dinamic airdrop
mercatox.com dinamic airdrop
coinberry.com up to $20 airdrop
oodltrack.com 50 oodl free
www.inbestcoin.com free 300 mat
epnex.io 25 epn free
indodax.com dinamic airdrop
tdex.com 200 td free
instantbitex.com free 1000 ibx
quantadex.com up to $700
bitmart.com 20 bmx free
binex.trade 5 bex free
wcex.co 20 xt free
kucoin.com dinamic airdrop
coinexchange.io (lowest fee) dinamic airdrop
cryptopia.co.nz dinamic airdrop
livecoin.net dinamic airdrop
hitbtc.com dinamic airdrop
yobit.io dinamic airdrop
bit-z.com dinamic airdrop
bitebtc.com dinamic airdrop
qryptos.com dinamic airdrop
hlbit.trade 100 hlb free
uex.com free 166 leek ($8)
fhiae.com dinamic airdrop
top.one dinamic airdrop
hotbit.io dinamic airdrop

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